Summer 2015

by Sitting Ghost

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These tracks are the selected best results of a project to write, record, and publish one song demo every week during the summer of 2015. The project began on May 26 with the first track, "Stranger Still," and continued through the end of August. Thanks for listening and for your patience with both the recording quality and lack of polish. Feel free to download any track you like. Please don't pay for it.

All tracks written, recorded, and produced by Sitting Ghost in Laramie, Wyoming except "To Love Somebody," written by Lydia Loveless, and "Archie, Marry Me," written by Alvvays.


released May 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Sitting Ghost Laramie, Wyoming

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Track Name: Stranger Still
we cast our nets so wide
we did not know what we'd find
what we brought up from the deep
is a stranger still to me
yeah it took our best intent
left it broken, twisted, bent
it changed all the locks on me
i am weighted down with useless keys

what price do we pay for the things left in our wake?

there's a place where now i go
it is distant, dark, and cold
i will build my life up there
and i'll live out all my years
there's an ocean in between
where i am and what i week
it's filled with things dark and mean
it's filled with things we can't see
and they whisper in my ear
they say love is what i fear
maybe love is what i fear

what price do we pay for the things left in our wake?
what words can we find that will let us speak our mind?

if i reach the other side
i will make friends with my lies
i will take them to my grave
wipe clean wipe clean the slate
when the monsters that you dream
draw you breathless from your sleep
i will dream your nightmare clean
Track Name: You're Not Welcome Here
i want to know all of the government's secrets
i want to hack in to the CIA
read about the inside jobs
UFOs and reagan clones
so i'm trying to find somebody who will talk

but they say
you're not welcome here
you'll never be welcome here

someone knows the things you do when you think you're alone
someone sees the monsters in your darkest of dreams
who am i according to my life on file?
a slave to what i do not know

i want to be one of the illuminati
i want to know power nameless and old
i want to change the future's course
hanging kings on puppet strings
so here i am a-knocking on their door

but they say
you're not welcome
get the fuck out of here
Track Name: I Try to Be Positive
i try to be positive, take each day as it comes
but some they come with sharpened teeth and nothing can be done

i try to be positive and have faith in my friends
but every time i speak my heart the conversation ends

i try to be positive and love the life i have
but for every year that i did good there's another i'd take back

i can't be that man without a little help today
i can understand that things won't always go my way
i will do my part to make the world a better place
but i can't be that man without a little help today

i try to be positive, work hard for what i want
but what if when it comes to me it's not quite what i thought

i try to be positive, believe that god is good
but i look around and doubt he'd fix this if he could

i try to be positive, believe the future's bright
but every day a baby's born while the world beneath it dies
Track Name: My Old Friends
here they come those black storm clouds
with thunder that calls so loud
it shakes the house and draws you from your sleep

the lightning bolts they split the night
they tear the darkness open wide
and leave me here feeling like a child

i lay here so wide awake
i think about the friends i've made
and the memories that i hold most dear

beautiful and full of holes
i still chase the truth they hold
i draw them near so they can't get away

all my old friends
i miss them
if i saw them now
would they want me around

i remember my friend ben
whose life was taken away from him
he taught me about the works of john coltrane

i don't recall the things i said
when last i saw my old friend ben
the blankness of those memories gnaw at me

i tell myself that that's enough
that i'm too young to be thinking of
the folks i know who died along the way

but conversations that i've had
how many of them will be the last
the ones i love will carry to their grave

all my old friends
i miss them
when thunder speaks
i hold them close to me
Track Name: Fault Lines
the sun will rise a million times
but you won't ever live the same day twice
we built our lives on old fault lines
and yet when it all falls we are surprised

i can hear your voice from miles away
riding on the tall radio waves
it's enough to get me through the day
but i can't make you stay

we take our time, we watch the sky
lean in close and open its mouth wide
weeds grow tall and buildings fall
no one's home to answer when you call

i can see you out there on the beach
your old dog licking salt from off his leash
every grain of sand's a history
lost among rising seas

i wish that i could build a wall so high
and keep all of the hateful things outside
i wish that i could watch the years unwind
but i can't make it right

rainy days, a stranger's face
all it takes to lead my heart astray
we built our lives on old fault lines
but what is there to do but bide our time
Track Name: I Know You Know
california you're the heart in me
light pollution in the dark of dreams
casket open so that i can see
the perfect body that you want for me

i know you know i know you know
i know you know i know

oh montana out where i can breathe
listen to the calls of beasts
where your voice can echo endlessly
between the empty tower trees

oh wyoming you're a memory of
a friend i had when i was young
empty spaces like a beating drum
where we walk and where we run
Track Name: Like Smoke
you live a life that wandering eyes cannot see
you're hollowing out a beautiful mouth to speak free
all those years held together by stitches that threaten to tear
yeah where can you go if you know you can go anywhere

take it in slow and breathe in
all our dreaming fills our lungs like smoke
and won't let go

down in the south i know of a town that don't rest
where all of us go when time comes to bury our dead
the sound of our feet on darkening streets fills the air
there's a bed for you made
if there's ever a weight you can't bear

inside me a heart can do nothing but beat
there's a lot that i take too seriously
all these days stretched like the head of a drum
and for once there's nothing that i'm running from
there's a song i'll sing until i get it right
it might take all of the rest of my life
and that's all right